Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Furniture and its impacts

Decor matters to catch people's attention, to make them feel astonished. To take someone's breath away with just a glance and have them mesmerized. I believe decor matters greatly especially to remember the past life and how their culture was. It’s a way to express something that may have happened in the past or how the past was. Like to show a story behind the decor it’s a form of art. Not only that the way the decor comes together and the way you put it together it makes a difference in the atmosphere of the place. Like in my daily life the way someone decors is how they present themselves. I’m very much of being bright and being very cool and relaxing atmosphere. It’s a way you express yourself and have the liberty of doing so what you like and your taste. It’s a time to be creative and let your mind flow and gather your talent all in one. 

That’s why we should look deep into the decor that was made years ago, ancient decor to see how magnificent and detailed they were. Have a glimpse of the past to be able to appreciate their talent. It’s like they tell a story behind every art piece they make, very detailed and talented. It matters over all if we didn’t have it the world would be so dull, so lifeless no meaning behind anything whatsoever. It’s a way of telling the past life and how much it has evolved to what it is now. There’s so much more than just a small decor it’s a lifestyle. There’s also decor that shows how it can defeat gravity and show a way how physics can come into play. There’s so many astonishing pieces that don’t get appreciated enough. It’s more than just a piece of art it’s our past, present and future.

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