Thursday, July 6, 2017

Office Chair

As we grow up, we begin to notice details of buildings, houses, etc. The decor of each of these places comes to put life and meaning into them. Traveling through Europe, I visited Spain and Italy. Each of these countries are full of history and it is seen through the decor that is used by the citizens of these countries. That same year, a couple of months later, my family and I were moving from a house to an apartment where we took a kind of Spanish, European style. Just as the house we stayed in, the apartment was left completely white and floors that were marble tiles. Just as in the towns in Spain that all buildings are white, they all come to life with the bright colors and prints chosen for chairs, bed sheets, and even things to up on a wall. 

This is exactly what we did as well. There were some paintings from the old house and a modern office chair on sale that had bright colors that made everything vivid. Apart from the paintings, there were some pillows of different patterns that went on the white furniture. Through these many things it made the house vivid and full of life. Decor is very important because it makes one comfortable and happy to get to their home. It makes each person to analyze why the owner would choose certain decorations and colors that maybe others wouldn’t. Decor brings a person’s personality into their home and possibly their history will be integrated into their home decorations.

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